About the Club

Looking to get away from everyday life?
How about a peaceful retreat on a beautiful island?

  • Frazer’s Hog Cay / Chub Cay, located in the Berry Islands, is a secluded island that offers a wonderful retreat for yachtsmen. This escape is also welcoming to travelers who are seeking the ultimate escape. The clear blue water’s temperature ranges from 75 degrees and higher all year.
  • Frazer’s Hog Cay / Chub Cay is privately owned and recently renovated. Frazer’s is located on the southern tip of the Berry Islands in the Bahamas adjacent to Chub Cay.
  • Frazer’s has the natural advantage of a yacht harbor along its entire three-mile S.E. shoreline, formed by Bird and Whale Cays, with their inshore sand banks sheltering Frazer’s from the prevailing easterly winds.
  • The protected harbor averages 20 feet in depth, making it possible to moor or dock large yachts up to 7 foot draft just offshore. Frazer is on a direct yachting course from the United States to Nassau.
  • The Chub Airport is near the Frazer’s border and is a public Port of Entry with Customs on duty to serve Frazer’s Chub.

For reservations, click here or contact us directly at 242-471-9119 or info@berryislandsclub.com.