Our Location

We are located on the north end of Chub Cay, a part of the island that is also known as Frazier’s Hog Cay. Chub/Frazier’s is the most southwestern of the Berry Islands chain and is approximately 145nm southeast of Ft. Lauderdale on a heading of 125 degrees. The route by sea is past Bimini and then across the Bahama Bank to the Northwest Channel Light. After passing the Light, you will find yourself in deep water known locally as the “pocket,” named as such for the great fishing when the wind blows out of the southeast. After a few miles you will see Chub Cay and Mama Rhoda Rock. Be careful rounding Mama Rhoda as there is reef on the southern side. After rounding the rock, pass just to the north or south of Diamond Rocks, which sit just off the long white beach. Once at the end of the island, round the point known as Texaco Point and navigate the natural channel, which has been marked by us. Contact us for any questions or further guidance. 242-471-9119

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