Things to Do

Flats Fishing

The Berry Islands is an area that is known for its high-quality fishing adventures. In fact, when it comes to something like flats fishing, you will not find another place better than in the Berry Islands. If you are looking for a fun yet challenging fishing style that uses spinning gear or fly-fishing equipment, then flats fishing is for you! 


The beauty of the Bahamas’ ocean habitat is truly remarkable, and only a few places around the world have as many diving and snorkeling opportunities as the Bahamas. Beneath the perfect azure waves, snorkelers and divers can explore underwater sites such as caves, shipwrecks, and much more.

Local dive operators offer guided dives, classes, and supply equipment for unguided dives all over the Bahamas. Swim with the sharks in guided and safe shark dives. Explore sunken wrecks from the pirate days, or dive at night, when the nocturnal fauna emerge. Dolphin dives offer a unique way to encounter these friendly and intelligent mammals without penning them up in the process.


Here in the Berry Islands, you’re always near the beach. Frazer’s Hog/Chub Cay is known for its pink and white sand beaches, and shelling is best after a hurricane. Thousands of shells wash out of the ocean and land on the island’s beaches, making the picking easy. During favorable weather conditions, strap on your snorkeling gear and head offshore with a bucket. Plenty of beautiful shells lie just below the surface.

Blue Water & Beaches

Fantasizing about a barefoot-on-the-beach wedding or a second honeymoon stroll along the edge of the sea? Day-dreaming about launching a kayak off the sand and into calm clear water, or finning out to snorkel amid the colorful fish and playful sea turtles? Or perhaps your idea of paradise is simply having the time to settle onto a secluded stretch of warm pink sand during your secluded beach vacation and stare at the ocean until all your stress melts away.  While you’ll come across other stunning strands far away from any sign of development, there are spots where yours are sure to be the only footprints that secluded beach will see all day.